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Wings & Stars

My purpose on this earth is to bring guidance, connection, and healing to you. Along my journey, through the darkness and the light, I have discovered the natural gifts I’ve been given. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you!

Personal Readings


Did you know we are all created with our own unique combination of planet energy? This is our natal chart. I translate your chart for you and discover your special gifts.

Personal Readings


You are not alone. We are always being guided and protected. Through your angel card reading, I interpret for you the messages your angels are communicating.

The Big Picture


Healing occurs on many levels. Meditation and yoga are two powerful ways to go. In my Primordial Sound Meditation classes, you will discover and learn to use your personal primordial sound.

Always Expanding

My Studies

One of my favorite things beyond learning and expanding is being able to share it with all of you!

Applied Astrology Graduate, Level 3 - DSA Astrology

Certified Angel Guide Reader - Kyle Gray

Angel Team Member - Kyle Gray

Certified Ayurveda Teacher - The Chopra Center

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation - The Chopra Center

200 hr RYT Vinyasa Yoga - Barefoot Power Yoga School

100 hr RYT Chair/Senior Yoga - Yoga Vista Academy

Reiki Level 2 Attunment

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My Earth Angels

I greatly appreciated the reading. I was contemplating a variety of current life issues today and the reading was fortuitous.  The majority of the cards correlated exactly with where my goals and energy have been focused.  Barb was very supportive and thorough in giving me an overview regarding the guides/cards that came up. There was only one where the meaning was vague and I’m not 100 percent sure how it fits into my life, but I’m open to possibilities and perhaps things that are yet unseen. I feel more supported in my journey and have more clarity than prior to the reading.  Excellent experience!

Ginger T.

Barb was absolutely amazing. Not only was she very thorough, but she also helped me understand my chart and myself by proxy. She helped me to understand who I am a little better and some of my gifts. It meant so much to me and I recommend her to anyone.

Nicole T.

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