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Moses, Phyllis R., the book: Orville, Wilbur and Me  It’s a story of Orville and Wilbur Wright, but it’s also a story about a fifteen-year-old Kitty Hawk youth, Joshua Morgan, who became involved in the dream of the Wright brothers. Their dream became his dream. The story, although fiction, is based on historical facts.

Moses, Phyllis R., “Amenities .. Veterans Memorial Plaza", celebrate! Living and Loving the Lifestyle in Sun City Texas, Sun City Texas Community Association Communications Department, 2009.

Moses, Phyllis R., “The Woman Who Swam with Dolphins", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, September 6,  2009, Karen Welcome worked for the Peace Corps in Micronesia and later returned to work at a hospital after obtaining her master's at the University of Texas.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ Actually, There Is a Doctor In The House", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, August 23, 2009, Bob Manning learned to balance life at home and life as a doctor with a lot of help from his wife Jane.

Steve Fought, “Meet the Profiler", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, August 23, 2009, Phyllis Moses, contributing writer for City Week, is an author and aviation fan.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ A Man With a Plan", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, August 9, 2009, Gina and Steve Fought moved to Sun City in 2006.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ A Song in Her Heart", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, June 7, 2009, Rosemary Barrett Byers hit the performing arts scene soon after she moved to Sun City, having directed Raise a Ruckus and is now working on the production for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ Witnessing a Day That Has Lived In Infamy", City Week-The Community Newspaper of Sun City, Georgetown, Texas, May 24, 2009, Sherborn Smiddy, resident of Sun City, remembers the attack at Pearl Harbor.  Mr. Smiddy was in Hawaii working for the military at the time.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ Memories of a Downturn", Austin American Statesman, October 13,  2008, Sun City residents (including Brian and Phyllis Moses) recall the lessons life taught them - and say subsequent generations haven't learned them.

Moses, Phyllis R., “ My Uncle's got a barn. Let's put on a play!", Sun Rays, June, 2008, Resident thespians find their niche in Sun City theater group.

Moses, Phyllis R., "They Call Him Mr. Georgetown” The Williamson Sun, April 27, 2008.  (To pay tribute to Buz Landry a beautiful plaque depicting his experiences at the Georgetown Airport was presented to him.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "The Amazing Aviatrix Elinor Smith," Chicago Illinois, March 20, 2008. (Elinor Smith fell in love with airplanes at the age of 6.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "One- way Ticket to Tokyo: The Doolittle Raid” America's Flyways, March, 2008.  ( This is a tribute to veterans about an air attack on Japan on April 18, 1942 in retaliation for the bombing of our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “3...2...1...Roll 'Em”, Sun Rays, November, 2007, Join us as we take a behind-the-scenes look at Sun City Texas' own Channel 79.

Moses, Phyllis R., “Snakes, Etc", Sun Rays, July, 2007, Sssssssnakes, Frogs, Salamanders, and Turtles Right Here in Sun City!  Dr. James Christiansen's life has been devoted to the biology of amphibious and terrestrial animals, which includes the study of snakes.

Moses, Phyllis R., "A Woman's Place is in Her Mooney," The Williamson Sun, October 29, 2006 (Sheila Beck - a female pilot in Georgetown, Texas)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Keep your Nose Down in the Turns,” Aviation History, September, 2003 (An amazing account of the life of Elinor Smith Sullivan, early test-pilot in the 1930s, who at the age of 17, on a dare, flew under four East River Bridges in New York in a Waco 9. Still living, she now resides in Palo Alto, CA. At the age of 92, Elinor enjoys perfect faculties, and entertains everyone with true stories of her life.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “If Bill Could See Me Now!” Aviation for Women, March/April 2001 (The Story of Moya Lear, wife of business-jet inventor/ manufacturer, Bill Lear, of LearJet fame.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Boeing’s Best,” Woman Pilot, July/August 2000, Vol. 8 Issue 4 ( Featuring four fascinating women who took different paths to their goals as top production test pilots in Seattle’s Boeing Airframe Plant.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Bridging the Gap,” Woman Pilot, July/August 2000, Vol. 8, Issue 4 (Exploring alternatives of scholarships and funding aviation training.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Swinging on a Star,” Woman Pilot, March/April 2000, Vol. 8, Issue 2 (Profile of Stephanie Wells, who trains astronauts at Ellington Field, NASA, TX.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “When the Lights Went Out in Saginaw,” Red River Swift Wing, December 1999 ( Globe TEMCO Swift history with "Cotton" Conder)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Wings of Gold,” Woman Pilot, May/June 1999, Vol 7 Issue 3 (Female navy pilots aboard the USS Enterprise Report on their bombing missions over Iraq.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "A Swarm of WASPs descends on Sweetwater, TX,” Woman Pilot, January/February 2001, Vol. 9, Issue 1 (The Women Air Service Pilots (WASP) gather at Avenger Field where they trained for military flying during WWII.}

Moses, Phyllis R., “Trends: The Latest Word in New Products,” Woman Pilot, November/December 2000, Vol 8, Issue 6 (New products and advanced technologies add to the safety, accuracy, comfort and fun of flying.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Head Winds and Blue Skies at 43rd Tulsa Regional Fly-in,” Flyer, October 13, 2000 (Report of 43rd Annual Tulsa Regional Fly-in at Bartlesville, OK.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Sporty’s Aerobatics,” Flyer, September 29, 2000 (the story of aerobatic competition conducted by Duane Cole in Cleburne, TX.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Wright Flight keeps Tucson Students on Right Path,” Flyer, May 12, 2000 (The account of Robin Stoddard who offers young people an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Annual Pilgrimage to Kitty Hawk,” Woman Pilot, March/April 2000, Vol 8, Issue 2 (Reporting on annual activities as a prelude to celebrations planned for the 100 year anniversary of flight.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Training 2000: Shaping your Future,” Woman Pilot, January/February 2000, Vol 8, Issue 6 (List of training choices for all pilot groups.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Trends for the New Millennium,” Woman Pilot, November/December, 1999, Vol 7, Issue 6 (Offering a glimpse of some of the favorite trends in avionics-related products.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Curly’s One-of-A Kind Waco has Made the Rounds,” Flyer, October 29, 1999 (A Story about how Curly Havelaar took a 1931 Waco-QCF2 and restored it to its former beauty.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Tulsa Fly-in Draws Field of Dream Planes,” Flyer, October 15, 1999 (Report on 42nd annual Tulsa Regional Fly-in.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Armstrong Wins Aerobatics Title,” Flyer, October 1, 1999 ( Report on annual competition by some of the US Aerobatic Champions in the IAC.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Sporty’s, Cole Put on one hot Aerobatic Meet,” Flyer, September 17, 1999 (Report on Duane Cole’s second annual aerobatic competition held at Midlothian, TX )

Moses, Phyllis R., “Rare and One-of-a-Kind Antiques fly into Paul’s Valley, Ok,” Flyer, July 9, 1999 (Report of Chapter fly-in.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Definition of Success,” Editorial in Corporate Catalog of Aviation Buyers' Guide (ABD), June, 1999, Page 10

Moses, Phyllis R., “Antique Aircraft Association Overcomes Lousy Weather,” Flyer, June 25, 1999 (Report from the annual gathering of antique airplane fans to Gainesville, TX.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Swift Convention and Fly-in Attracts large turnout of aircraft,” Flyer, June 11, 1999 (Report on annual International Swift Convention at Athens, TN.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Hand-Me-Downs and Stardust Memories,” Good Old Days magazine (An essay for Mother’s Day)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Women Pilots in the Persian Gulf,” Woman Pilot, March/April, 1999, Page 18 (Preview of coming article. )

Moses, Phyllis R., “First Flight Society Commemorates 95th Anniversary of Powered Flight,” Flyer, January 8, 1999 (Report on the 95th centenary celebration and plans for the 2003 celebration.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Aviation Training: A Winning Strategy,” Woman Pilot, January/February, 1999, Page 8 (Takes a look at some of the colleges, universities and training schools that offer aviation training.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Beverly Bass: Love What You Do,” Woman Pilot, January/February, 1999, Page 24 (Profile of first female American Airlines pilot to become check-pilot, and first to check out on the Boeing 777.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Aviation Museum Planned near Ft. Worth, TX,” Flight Journal, November, 1998

Moses, Phyllis R., “Trends ’99,” Woman Pilot, November/December, 1998 (Offering a glimpse of favorite aviation trends)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Headsets-Finding the Right One for You,” Woman Pilot, November/December, 1998

Moses, Phyllis R., “Southwest Regional EAA Fly-In Gets Wet Start in Abilene, TX,” Flyer, October 30, 1998.

Moses, Phyllis R., “Group Plans to Build Aviation Heritage Museum near Ft. Worth, TX,” Flyer, October 16, 1998 (Progress report on the future plans for this museum.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Regional Flying: Dallas, Texas,” Woman Pilot, July/August, 1998. Page 2 (Overview/Guide for Pilots coming into the area.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Aviation Associations for Women,” Woman Pilot, July /August 1998 (Listing of networking contacts by name and by company.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Scholarships,” Woman Pilot, January/February, 1998 (Guide to acquiring funding for flight training.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “A Woman’s Place is in her Jet,” Woman Pilot, January/February, 1998 (Amazing story about Charla Wise, Vice-President Lockheed Martin’s rise to the upper tier of management.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Trends in Aviation," Woman Pilot, November/December 1997, Vol 5, Issue 6 (Exploring products for aviation enthusiasts.)

Moses, Phyllis R., “Seeds of Hope: Trees of Glory: The Forest of Friendship,” Woman Pilot, Vol 8, Issue 5 (A unique memorial and tribute to female pilots for ‘World Friendship through Flying.’)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Voyager: After the Landing," Woman Pilot, July/August, 1997, Vol 5, Issue 4 (A retrospective of Jeanna Yeager, who with Dick Rutan, flew around the world without stopping in December, 1986.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Wings for Women," Woman Pilot, March/April, 1997, Vol 5, Issue 2 (Southwest Airlines opens its doors wider for female pilots.)

Moses, Phyllis R., "The Swift Women," Woman Pilot, May/June, 1996, Vol 4, Issue 3 (The story of the many women who own and operate their own Globe-Swift aircraft. Woman Pilot)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Mama’s Miracle," Dallas Morning News, May 12, 1996 (Essay about Mother’s Love)

Moses, Phyllis R., "Swift Convention," Vintage Airplane, February, 1996, Vol 24, Issue 2, page 9 (The 50th Anniversary return to Texas. )


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