Photo Album
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Linda Finch who flew around the world in a Lockheed 10-E March 17, 1997. Her story appears in Woman Pilot magazine: July/August, 1996, and again in March/April, 1997 issue. (Photographed with Phyllis Moses).

Patty Wagstaff, a six time member of the US Aerobatic Team. Her Web site is Go there for her exciting biography, and take a look at her airplanes and award. (Photographed with Phyllis Moses.)
Chuck Yeager appearing at the Anatole Hotel, Dallas, Tx to receive the George Haddaway award. (Photographed with Phyllis Moses.)
Jeanna Yeager presenting a program at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX, about her historic trip around the world non-stop in the Voyager, with Dick Rutan. One take-off, one tank of gas, and one landing to go around the world, without stopping. (Photographed with Phyllis Moses.)

The four top female Boeing Aircraft test pilots (with Phyllis Moses), article appearing in July/August, 2000. Woman Pilot magazine, “Boeing’s Best.”
George W. Bush when governor of Texas, together with Brian Moses, Phyllis Moses and son, Dale Moses at the Texas Game Warden's annual banquet Austin, TX.


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