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Organizations and associations

Experimental Aircraft Association, Young Eagles (
The goal of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Young Eagles is to give one million young people ages 8-17 a free introductory airplane flight by the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in the year 2003. For an exciting and rewarding adventure, go to this Web site.

Experimental Aircraft Association (
A Web site full of interesting and exciting things for pilots to see and do.

Civil Air Patrol (
Great site for youth. Has lots of click-through opportunities, if you’re looking for flight training, educational info and much more.

Another EAA Web site (
Go to this site and learn more about the aerial exploits of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. Partnering with Ford Motor Company, Microsoft Simulator and Eclipse Aviation.

National Aeronautics Association (
To record and award the memories and milestones of aviation’s greatest.


Pima Air and Space Museum ( in Tucson, Arizona
Probably the premier air and space museum in the U.S. Its Challenger Learning Center is accessible through the menu of the above URL. They can also be contacted by writing, for information about camps and many educational opportunities for young people.

National Air & Space Museum (, Washington D.C.
Fantastic site for young people, with many resources for IMAX showings, educational opportunities and history.

American Airpower Museum ( at Republic in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. There is one place in America where operational vintage warbirds are flying from the hangars and runways where they were sent off to war sixty years ago. Go there to see fabulous WWII Heavy Metal aircraft.

Frontiers of Flight Museum (, Love Field, Dallas, Texas
A world-class museum that displays aviation pioneer’s heroes biographies, hardware and personal effects. Moving into a new facility, that link is also available for those interested.


Woman Pilot (
This Web site publishes articles about women who have accomplished many great and wonderful achievements in aviation.

Women in Aviation, International (
Click through their menu to find their official magazine, “Aviation for Women.” Browse through the site for membership, educational and scholarship opportunities.

Aviation History, Primedia, Inc. (
One of the richest sites on the ‘net for aviation history. More articles, biographies, and shopping than many we’ve visited.

Flight Journal (
Another rich site for articles about the history of military and general aviation aircraft and people. Go there to soak up stories about heroes of days gone by and heroes now living who’ve done marvelous things in aviation.

General Aviation News and Flyer (
General Aviation and Flyer, a newspaper-type bi-weekly magazine that disseminates news and views to the general aviation community. Reports on regional and local aviation events.

Air and Space (
Visit this Web site and sign up for the time-honored magazine: where every issue is a “keeper.”

Aerobatic Shows

Patty Wagstaff Air Shows (
What a lady! She is a six time winner in the IAC world-wide competition. Go to her Web site and see the aircraft she flies, her awards and much, much more.

Air Shows Scheduled Around the USA (
Strap in! The Airshow Season is upon us. For a complete list of performers and dates of shows across the USA.
The First Flight Centennial Foundation was formed to plan the ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ achievements in 1903.
This site actually counts down the seconds, minutes, hours and days to the First Flight Centennial Celebration at Kitty Hawk, NC December 17, 2003.
This site has some interesting links for you to go to. There are some tidbits of history as well as plans for events that will be provided for those who want to celebrate the Invention of flight.
There is more to this site than can be explained here. Just go there and find out.
Any one can become a pilot. Just follow these links.
Animation, stories, lots of aircraft and other educational stuff.

Other Web Sites

Women in Aviation, a resource center (
Here you will find many links to sites that honor and relate how many women have achieved their visions and dreams. Aerospace products 
ALGLAS has developed a unique range of aerospace products that significantly augment cabin care cleaning programs and reduce maintenance costs.  Artie the Airplane books and videos give children what they naturally want and need: colorful illustrations, engaging characters and dialogue, and downright fun story lines. Aerial Photography Equipment Description:
Giant advertising balloons, remote controlled blimps, aerial photography equipment, helium balloons, dirigibles, RC blimps.  The balloon and blimp factory with worldwide delivery. Join us for the first annual Hill Country Book Festival. The Gustav Klimt paintings are available from 1st-Art-Gallery as handmade reproductions on canvas. Flexxilease are the leading contract hire specialists and are guaranteed to have a leasing solution for you or your business. Search for motor homes, RV's for sale, Advertise a motor home or RV for sale.  Embroidered patches, back patches, belt buckles, helmet stickers and more at Hard Core Biker. We've got all new merchandise, easy shipping  Storytelling with a participation flair by Karen Hodges.  Searching for an Airport Management degree program was a difficult process for me.  The site was created to make sure others do not have the same experience!  There is detailed information about Airport Management programs across the country.  The resources section offers more in-depth information about a career in Airport Management. 

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