My First Book

Orville, Wilbur, & Me:
Magic at Kitty Hawk

Paperback ISBN: 1410719197
Hardback ISBN: 1410719200
both have 108 pages.
Paperback Price: $9.50
Hardback Price: $15.50
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Joshua Morgan is the first to greet Wilbur Wright as he arrives in Kitty Hawk Bay September 1900.

When Wilbur and Orville Wright arrive in Kitty Hawk, Joshua is captivated by their experiments. Whether he is running alongside the glider steadying a wing or steering the craft with ropes, he is part of the crew that makes the first successful powered flight on December 17, 1903.

The aircraft held together with pieces of wood, fabric and bicycle parts, sits on the track designed to launch the flight. Powered by a clattering homemade engine, it lifts from the wind-swept plain and flies 852 feet into the pages of history. At this moment, eighteen-year-old Joshua knows what his destiny is to be.

In 1908, eight years after he meets the strangers from Dayton, Ohio, the U. S. Army orders its first military aircraft. Twenty-three year old Joshua returns to Kitty Hawk with the Wright brothers to conduct the final tests.

The return to Kitty Hawk brings Joshua full circle. The realization that who he is now, and the man he will become, is rooted here in this village. Attributes of integrity become his moral force

Joshua, a fictional character whose life was changed by this event, participated in the greatest discovery of the 20th century: powered flight; a discovery that changed the face of the globe.

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