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Phyllis in the AT6

Phyllis, native of Ft. Worth, Texas, now living in Georgetown, Texas, is a freelance writer, specializing in aviation and aviation history. Her articles appear in Woman Pilot magazine, General Aviation News and FLYER newspaper, Vintage Airplane, Flight Journal, Women in Aviation, International, Aviation History, and Aviation Buyer’s Digest, as well as local and regional periodicals. Her poems and short stories have also been published.

Phyllis has wanted to write her entire life. In junior high school, she was features editor for the school newspaper, The Rosetta.

Married to Brian Moses, retired corporate pilot, they maintain several affiliations with aviation-related organizations, which include the Texas Chapter Antique Airplane Association; Frontiers of Flight museum; The Jimmy Doolittle Squadron, Special Aviation History Collection, University of Texas at Dallas; Experimental Aircraft Association and the Sun City Aviation Club. They own a Globe Swift and a Piper Vagabond.

The world of aviation has always fascinated Phyllis. She spends much of her time studying its history from the myths and legends up to the modern space age. She finds the most interesting part is learning about the early pioneers who had the visions and dreams. Their persistence led the way to the modern technology that made aviation what it is today.



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