The Gift of Courage

                Where is courage at a time when heroes are no more?

                        Courage is in your words when they bring bad news,

              You stand at my side as I receive the diagnosis:

                         My journey will soon end.


                        Courage is in your flashing sword as we stand in battle,

            Not choosing to leave me in the field of danger and despair.

                        Courage is in your boldness of faith, in your encouraging smile,

            So that I never give up hope, until we reach the Promised Land.


            Now my gift to you is in the Golden Heart of immortality in its invincibility,

            For we have won the war against the enemy;

            We share the grace of gentle leadership,

            My gift to you, dear one, provides the means for your great courage.

                                    So rejoice in what the open heart gives.




    by Phyllis Moses - 2008